Annual prefect investiture

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Amal International School proudly celebrated its annual prefect investiture on 17th May 2023, a momentous event held at the Dangra Hall. The ceremony was a true testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing young leaders who would undoubtedly shape a brighter future.

The chief guest, Senior DIG M.R. Latiff, an esteemed founding member of the Police Special Task Force, graced the occasion with his presence. His distinguished background, including training by the esteemed British Special Air Service (SAS), served as an incredible source of inspiration for both students and staff alike.

Amidst the applause, our chairman Mr. Hakeem Abubakar, and Principal Mr. Wikum Priyalal, exuded pride as they couraged the students to embrace their leadership roles with dedication and integrity.

The investiture ceremony, meticulously organsied by our Vice Principal Administration Muna Suby, showcased the school’s commitment to discipline and character-building.

Mr. Greshan Anthony POD along with his panel, did an exemplary job in the selection process, ensuring that the prefects chosen were deserving of their roles as leaders and role model ,

with great honour the committee managed to identify thirty-five deserving students who received their prefect badges, symbolizing their responsibility to uphold the school’s values and set an example for their peers. Among them, M.S. Mohammed stood tall as the Head Prefect, a beacon of excellence and leadership.

The event resonated with a sense of unity and determination, igniting a spirit of enthusiasm and hope in the hearts of the attendees. As the prefects proudly marched forward to take on their responsibilities, they embodied the spirit of positive change that the school embraces.

The prefect investiture at Amal International School was not just a ceremony; it was a reflection of the school’s commitment to cultivating future leaders who would make a positive impact on society . The event was a true celebration of excellence and an embodiment of the school’s vision to nurture individuals who will positively shape the world around them.

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