Amal International School has been imparting the noble service of providing education in English Medium since 1991. Since its inception Amal International School has been determined to provide value based education. We believe education which does not inculcate values in children will end up in nothing but a waste.

In this technology driven era, children need not come to school to KNOW what is in the printed books prescribed in the curriculum. At times it has been witnessed that the present day students are far ahead of teachers as far as knowledge and information are concerned.

Amal International School is following the National Curriculum as sanctioned by the National Institute of Education. However, we do have made some additions in our system so as to ensure that the students do get proper moral guidance. The subject named GEM – General Ethics & Morals is integrated with the curriculum at Amal International School and the students are taught these values from primary to junior grades.

The tensions created by the Grade 5 Scholarship examinations have reached to the peak now. Educational psychologists’ have raised serious concerns on this issue. However, Amal International School had the courage to introduce it in Grade Eight in 2014. Best Achievers of the Amal Scholarship Examinations are provided with Scholarship to continue free education up to G.C.E.O/L Examination.

Academic Development

We strongly advocate that children must be guided and nurtured to become rounded personalities with proper knowledge, skills and attitude. Hence due focus is given to academic achievements

of the students. New Admission to school purely on satisfactory performance at the Admission Test are some measures taken by the School administration to ensure quality education at Amal. Continuous monitoring of the progress of the students, the Academic Performance Review Meetings at the end of each Term, periodical meetings with the parents of the selected students are some of the steps taken by the School to guarantee parents that their children are cared and nurtured with utmost sense of responsibility.

We award Students who achieve above 65% average marks the Certificate of Achievements based on their performance at the Term Tests in order to motivate them. Our students’ greatest challenge is achieving higher grades in the First Language, that is Sinhala. However, we have been taking various steps to address this issue.

Amal International School is primarily with in the curriculum frame work of the National Institute of Education.. All divisions of the school are flourishing with accomplishments intended to arouse curiosity and encourage students to meet their learning needs. Our teachers strive hard to develop students’ unique talents and interests to bring the best out of them by creating an enjoyable environment in the classrooms.



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