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Dear Prospective Parent-Partners and Present Stakeholders,

With immense pride and great pleasure I welcome you to the school’s website. You could be a parent, a student, a staff member or a stakeholder in gaining deeper insights into the functioning and learning environment of our exciting world. Right from its inception of this school to date, the Amal International School has marched forward to spread the light of education and pave the path of academic excellence for every student. The key focus areas continue to remain – brilliance in instruction, creating opportunities, challenging minds, encouraging innovation and sustaining excitement.

We are delighted that you are considering the Amal International School for your son’s future. This institution was established in 1991 by eminent personalities who were concerned about the challenges faced by the local communities in Colombo and suburbs. The School is one of the pioneering projects of the Centre for Islamic Studies and which appoints the Board of Management of the School which consists of eminent and service oriented personalities and experts from all walks of life. At present, Amal has become a fully-fledged school enhanced and fine-tuned a learning and life-skilling system that has been envied and benchmarked across Sri Lanka and overseas for around three decades.

From the moment your son enters the school to learn in an environment which has been upgraded conducive for effective learning with latest and sophisticated technology with the guidance of skilled and committed teachers – you can be rest assured that he is on the right track and best of hands. A boy when he gates as a grade one entrant, he gets to realise who he is; and where his potential lies as well as how he shall groom his personality in order to face real-life challenges and intricate future career. Irrespective of his background or competence, he is prepared and nurtured in a way that he can depart to serve the world, confidently, responsibly and independently. The track record of multiple generations of successful students is living proof that this unique learning system works, and works well.

During the next five years, the focus will be on academic excellence in the context of blended learning and teaching environment with the support of enhanced technology. This will help students get into the different or difficult trends in the fields of higher, professional and tertiary education and training in Sri Lanka and around the world.

At the same time, we are happy to promote the school’s big strength — pedagogy balanced with pastoral care — will be supported in equal measure to enhance the school’s standing as the Best School in the country.

Unfortunately, when it comes to quality and excellence, there are no free lunches, nor can there be any compromises. To ensure that Amal International School scales newer peaks of education excellence, fees will necessarily need to be raised from time to time. As our potential parent, partners, we look forward to your support on this.

Once again I welcome you and sincerely hope that our website will rouse your interest and encourage you to take a step towards making one more positive difference in your life.

The Amal International School is ready for the new era.

With all good wishes – Stay safe and blessed.

LL.B. (Hons.) Col., LL.M. (Malaya), PgD in Law of the Sea (KMI), CTHE (Col.)
Attorney at Law
Senior Lecturer in Public & International Law
Department of Public and International Law – Faculty of Law,
Deputy Director – Centre for the Study of Human Rights
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.





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