Prefect Investiture Ceremony

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Amal International School organized the first Virtual “Prefect Investiture Ceremony” for the academic year 2020/2021, which was held on 19th of December 2020 under the patronage of the Principal Mr. M.N.M Riza.

The chairman of the Board of Management Mr.Hakeem Abubackar, Secretary Mr.M.Z.M Ashfaaq, Vice principals Mr. A.W.M Rimzi, Ms. Minsharf Imthiaz, Ms. Muna Suby, Prefect Master In Charge Mr. M.T.M Sabry, Prefects of Discipline Mr. Greshan Anthony, IT Coordinator Mr. Zaheer, media unit incharge Mr. Sanjey, senior prefects, media unit students and parents of HP and DHPs were present to grace this occasion.

The physical and virtual event began by badging the newly appointed senior prefects followed by the three deputies Ishraf Ahamed, Wakeel Rizwi, Aasif Jalaldeen and Head Prefect Junaid Nazeer.

The Head Prefect Junaid Nazeer took oath followed by all the prefects who pledged to maintain peace, discipline and unity inside and outside the school premises.

Principal Mr.M.N.M Riza and Chairman Mr.M.A.M. Hakeem addressed the gathering on the importance of discipline and leadership qualities.

The ceremony culminated with a speech followed by Junaid Nazeer extending his heartfelt gratitude to the Principal, Vice Principals, Sectional Heads, Heads of department, Teachers and non academic staff.

The ceremony concluded with the recital of Quirath followed by the National Anthem.