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School History

Amal International School is a project of Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) incorporated by the Parliamentary Act. No. 44 of 1991, which was declared open on 4th May 1985 by Justice Jameel. Simultaneously CIS opened a Montessori Section within its premises. However, at the end of completing Montessori found it difficult to gain admission to any schools. Hence there was a compelling need for a community school within Colombo South. 


Due to this dilemma, it was the vision of Mr. M. C. M. Zarook to establish a school at least with minimum facilities to cater children of Middle Class, Lower Middle Class and free education for needy children, as poverty should never be a disqualification to pursue studies. Board of Directors of Amal decided to accommodate students representing all the faiths. With the help of many philanthropists the land was bought. The foundation stone was laid by Marhoom Al-Haj A. C.S. Hameed M. P. Minister of Higher Education and Justice on October 1988 and declared open by him on 29th January 1991.

Although almost all International Schools at that time followed the London syllabus, it was decided to follow the Local syllabi in the English medium, as the cost factor to follow the London syllabus was very high and reaching this fare would be a burden on parents.

The text books were either in Sinhala or Tamil. These books were translated into English by competent and knowledgeable people, which were printed and were made available for students. These translated books were in high demand as some of the prominent schools in Kandy and Colombo decided to use these English medium text books.

Amal International School is the very first  private community boys’ school in National Curriculum in Colombo South, situated in the heart of the city of Colombo. It welcomes students of all nationalities with more than 1300 students and 110 members of staff.

Amal International School  works within the curricular framework set by the National Institute Education. Our aim is to provide holistic education to guide students to be good citizens of Sri Lanka.

The school’s education system is closely linked to that of the public schools with as much emphasis on discipline and academic excellence as on sports and extra-curricular activities. Our central philosophy is that the seeds of self-motivation and self-discipline be sown during a child’s formative years in the play group and primary level in the School, creating a solid academic base and encouraging an independent, enthusiastic approach to study throughout the School.