Amal Pledge

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We the citizens of Sri Lanka pledge ourselves
as one united people, regardless of race,
language and religion to build
a Democratic Society based on Justice and Equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.


Fundamental duties in terms of the article 28 of the constitution of Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.


The exercise and enjoyment of rights and freedoms are inseparable from the performance of duties and obligations and accordingly it is the duty of every person in Sri Lanka –

(a) to uphold and defend the Constitution and the law ;

(b) to further the national interest and to foster national unity ; 

(c) to work conscientiously in his chosen occupation;

(d) to preserve and protect public property and to combat misuse and waste of public property ;

(e) to respect the rights and freedoms of others ; and

(f) to protect nature and conserve its riches.




We, students of Amal International School, pledge ourselves
as one big family to grow in friendship,
body and mind to gracious, caring and kind,
enter to learn, depart to serve, our heritage
we will preserve with the Lord – our guide, always by our side.
Be honorable.
Respect one another.
Respect and protect property:
our own, the property of others, and the school.
Behave with regard to our safety and the safety of others.
Value the worthiness of earthly life and parents’ commitment.
Uphold the image of Amal in and out of the school.